Distance Learning: Now, A Tradition

Distance Learning: Now, A Tradition!
Summary: Before the Coronavirus pandemic, resistance against distance learning was huge. People didn't believe they would learn if the teacher wasn't there! Now people know how efficient distance learning is. That's what this article is about.

Denied In The Past, Totally Needed Today!

Coronavirus remains among us as if this plague belongs to our species. When this virus appeared, many people thought that it would only stay with us for a while. However time has passed, and now we have among us another variant of Coronavirus called Omicron. Scientists say Omicron is worse than the original virus itself, so people are really scared.

Bad News

In the written and spoken news, every day the news is getting worse. Many people are dying, businesses will have to close their doors once again, and elderly people will once again have to remain locked inside their homes as a precaution. Schools will once again close their face-to-face activities, and teachers will return to distance learning. How long will it be like this? Is it possible that another version of the virus will appear, now a variant of Omicron? In any case, even if this appears, society will continue its work, especially teachers teaching their students remotely.

Distance Learning: A Great Solution

At the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, distance learning appeared as a solution to that dark moment. All over the globe, people had to adjust to the demands of that moment, and many of them had to use their computers to continue teaching. It first seemed to be a disgrace, but then people realized that teaching through a computer while having a good internet connection could be a great solution. Disbelief would have to be transformed into trust, the need of the moment would lead millions of people to a radical experience never previously thought of or desired. Teaching would be transmitted through computers and other technological devices, students would be in their homes, in distant villages, but they could—yes—continue studying, without harm to their learning.

Bakers, Hairdressers, Seamstresses Into The Movement Too!

It is fascinating to observe how many teaching professionals have sought distance learning to continue their work. At first, it was thought that only conventional teachers would seek such a resource, but bakers, hairdressers, seamstresses—all unconventional personnel, far from academic training—also sought to develop courses in their specific areas and started teaching.

Distance Learning And The Internet

However, a real problem appeared, especially in developing countries: it was not so easy to acquire a good internet connection. They wanted to participate in the historic moment but they did not have advanced technological resources. Perhaps, even today, in some parts of the globe, there are countries that are still waiting for these resources.

Finally Internet For Developing Countries!

But now we have good news to tell you: under the waters of the sea, in the oceans, there are kilometers and kilometers of fiber-optic cables for the globalization of communication. Talking to each other has become vital. From a lady sharing recipes in her kitchen with another lady to the president of a country talking with another president about their countries' affairs, everyone needs to communicate. So, from this perspective, we can see that distance learning will continue its brilliant climb.

Distance Learning Is Forever

No, no, no: distance learning is not something temporary. It came to stay, this is definitive. Those countries that don't have good internet at the present time, will still be bound eventually by fiber-optic cables—without a doubt. They will participate in this historic moment. They will teach many people who are hungry for learning, and they will do it through distance learning.

It certainly won't take long. It is now possible to accompany many professionals working to set up the internet in an absolutely hostile environment. They go through terrible hardships, they enter muddy rivers, they enter forests, they risk being bitten by snakes, but they don't give up, they don't stop working, carrying fiber-optic cables to be deployed. Communication at a distance has become so desperately needed that all efforts are directed toward this goal. Of course, this also benefits distance learning, mainly in the developing countries that we talked about.

An Educational Prophecy

The globe will become a huge school. Europeans will learn from Indians; Indians, in turn, will learn from North Americans; North Americans will learn from Africans. Everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn!