eLearning Apps: An Elixir During The COVID-19 Crisis

eLearning Education Apps An Elixir During COVID-19
Summary: Who says COVID-19 has put a pause on the education system? Here’s what you need to know!

The Massive Overnight Change In Education

"The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the education system forever.” You’re most likely to hear this phrase anywhere you go when there are debates about how the education industry will further take action to provide high-quality education to children.

Undoubtedly, most educational institutions were stuck with the traditional approach of face-to-face education within four walls before the pandemic was declared. However, after the crisis occurred, the industry had to take immediate action and change the education system overnight. Thus, the online mode was adopted to maintain and follow guidelines regulated by the government.

The world is progressing rapidly; thus, there is a rise in the number of mobile apps being used today. COVID-19 boosted the use of mobile apps, out of which eLearning apps became the umbrella term to describe online education. These education apps promote virtual learning, web- and computer-based learning, digital recordings, and whatnot!

Are you hooked up with the education sector? If that’s a yes, you probably want to know more about eLearning education apps. Moreover, if you’re planning to develop an eLearning app for your users, this article highlights all the important details you must know.

So, take a look!

4 Advantages Of eLearning 

eLearning mobile apps offer numerous advantages due to which students are inclined toward them. Think of a situation where you’re delivering precisely what your users demand. Therefore, it’ll reap exceptional benefits. You must know about the advantages that online learning has to offer and educate yourself on them. Here are some of the top-notch benefits mentioned:

1. Extensibility

eLearning provides great flexibility as students who couldn’t access the benefits of classroom learning due to residing at distant places or for any other reason can also taste the benefits of online education. Not only this, but students can access the study material anytime they want as per their convenience.

2. Broad Variety Of Courses

Traditionally, there was a limitation of courses that an individual could choose to learn. However, with the arrival of eLearning, the overall mechanism has become much easier, enabling students to opt for multiple courses.

3. Cost-Efficient

Earlier, students had to travel all the way to physical institutions for learning, which required traveling costs, accommodation expenses, etc. With the introduction of online learning, all these expenses and travel time are eliminated, making it a much more convenient option for students.

4. Improved Participation

Online education offers much more flexibility to repeatedly enquire about questions than physical classroom education. Therefore, it helps to understand the concepts in a better manner and with complete attention.

5 Most Important eLearning App Trends

If you don’t know what to integrate or implement to build a successful eLearning mobile application, here are some of the most important mobile learning trends. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Video Content Is Crucial

Do you know about 30 million people visit YouTube each day to watch video content that interests them the most? Undoubtedly, images and videos are more interactive and hold great potential when it comes to intriguing customers. Therefore, incorporating video content into mobile learning apps is one of the best strategies to draw more users. What’s more, you can also add live streaming and video conference options to make it a more up-to-date platform.

2. Personalized Learning

Online platforms that streamline education as per users' interests are what intrigue people the most. Therefore, the personalization of a learning app offers exceptional experience and the freedom to learn what users want. Whenever you’re developing an eLearning app, make sure you integrate content that concerns your target audience.

3. Integration Of AI

Nowadays, there’s a hike in the use of the latest tech and trends, including artificial intelligence which collects data about users' behavior and uses the algorithm to enhance the overall experience. With the use of AI, many tools can be integrated, for instance, voice assistants, which can benefit students by enabling them to conversate easily.

4. Use Of AR And VR

Technologies like virtual and augmented reality have helped the educational sector grow and develop compared to the traditional approach. In addition, these technologies have popularized remote learning and also fuel one’s creativity.

5. Gamification Is The Key

Nobody likes sitting for hours watching lessons and trying to memorize them in the old boring way. Therefore, here’s where gamification comes in handy! A game-based approach is likely to attract more users. Not only this, but promoting easy learning as a combination of education and fun is always a great blend. Gamification techniques may include crossing levels, earning points or other rewards, keeping the kids hooked and determined to acquire more.

In A Nutshell

eLearning methods are progressing day by day, and the pandemic has played a tremendous role behind them. In the current scenario, mobile learning is the best possible method to resume education since there’s a temporary shutdown of all educational institutions. Now that you’re familiar with the importance of eLearning apps, have you made up your mind about developing them? If that’s a yes, an eLearning app development company should be your next stop. So, are you all set? Because we are ready to witness your business skyrocket.

Happy innovation!