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Rosanna Montoute Learning Specialist – Educational Technologist My primary objective is to utilize my passion for learning, education and technology to assist an organization meet its strategic objectives. Concordia University graduate of Applied Social Science and Masters of Educational Technology (candidate) Specialties: Customer Care & Service Management, Education & Learning Specialist, Lifeskills Training, Cultlural Sensitivity & Diversity Training, Project Management, Instructional and Non-Instructional Design, Group and Team Dynamics Facilitation, Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal Relationships Training, eLearning and mLearning Development, Virtual Classroom Event Moderation & Facilitation, e-Learning Evaluation, Workplace Training and Development, Social Media Community Management

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16 Essential Tips for Planning a Virtual Classroom Event

16 Essential Tips for Planning a Virtual Classroom Event

Monday, 24 June 2013 by Montoute Rosanna

Would you be interested in 16 essential tips when planning and preparing to host a virtual classroom event?

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