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Co-founder & Director at SIP Agropack Pvt. Ltd.
Hi! I am an entrepreneur, HR practitioner, and a management blogger. I am presently taking care of my manufacturing unit, but the love of writing keeps me equally occupied. I have written a few papers, and a couple of articles, that have been published in reputed sources like newspapers, magazines and journals.
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August 21, 2014

How To Build A Trophy Winning High Performance Team 

You got just the right talent of high performing executives, yet the company’s overall performance isn’t up to the mark. Those ace players are either unable to tap that market segment, or strategize the action plan of production or lacking somewhere else. Hiring the right talent isn’t enough; it is crucial to deploy those high performers effectively so that they are in a position to perform as per their capacities. Build a dynamic High Performance Team and get the game going!