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Thaleia is a digital designer and a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Her research areas include mobile learning, game-based learning and mobile game design. For her PhD, she investigates the potential of mobile learning games in adult education, for increasing motivation, engagement and effective learning. As design-led her work also seeks to advance a set of design guidelines to inform the development of an innovative learning framework that supports lifelong learning for adults, utilizing recent advances in game design and mobile technology. Additionally, as a digital media specialist tutor at the University of Edinburgh, she lectures and supervises academic projects on 3D design, animation and game development.  PhD Blog:

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Mobile Game-Based Learning (Image Designed by Thaleia Deniozou)

Mobile Games for Adult Learning: What’s the Appeal?

Wednesday, 3 April 2013 by Thaleia Deniozou

This post introduces the potential of using mobile games as effective tools for adult learners living in a society of…

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