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Tiziana Saponaro

Apple Distinguished Educator, flipped classroom international ambassador
International certified teacher of English, Italian and Spanish (with 20- plus years of experience in public schools and international boarding schools in Switzerland, Italy and the United States). Teacher trainer, and freelance translator. Mother tongue: Italian; proficiency in English, fluent in Spanish. I am an iPad enthusiast. I am passionate about the ways that digital technology can make students more engaged and creative and I'm dedicated to pedagogic and curricular change via the thoughtful use of educational technology. I have been working as a language teacher in language schools (and as a freelance translator for the University of Verona, Italy), teaching ESL in an international boarding school in Italy for nine years, teaching Italian and English in an international boarding school in Switzerland for seven years, and teaching Spanish as an exchange teacher for a year in the USA, 2000/2001 (Virginia).
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