Doctor’s Orders: Create eLearning For Healthcare With TalentLMS

Why eLearning For Healthcare Professionals Is The Healthy Choice

With all the medical information available on the Internet, it looks as if anybody, who half-read and quarter-understood a page on Wikipedia, feels qualified to express their opinion on all kinds of health matters.

Rigorous and demanding, the education of real doctors, nurses and hospital support staff, is, of course, nothing like that. Except in the part that it can still take place over the web with eLearning for healthcare.

In this post, we are going to examine how a modern online learning platform, such as TalentLMS, can help cover the expansive training and certification demands of the healthcare industry.

How eLearning For Healthcare Covers Training Needs

If there ever was a field with vast and frequently changing training needs, it would be healthcare.

After studying for nearly, or over a decade to get their medical degree, doctors still have to retrain constantly and keep up with the latest developments in their field, such as best practices, treatments, drugs, and even diagnoses which can and do change over time.

In fact, this "continuous learning" is not only necessary to keep up with the latest developments. It is also mandated by law in order for medical professionals to maintain and renew their license.

And of course, it's not just doctors. Nurses, support staff, call center, IT, accounting, security personnel and all kinds of support staff also need to be onboarded and trained.

All this training also needs to happen without disrupting the notoriously hard work schedules that the healthcare industry is known for. And in an era of diminishing budgets and state support, the cost is also a primary concern.

All of the concerns above make eLearning for healthcare, with a tool like TalentLMS, a great fit for the industry.

Where classroom-based training scales badly and requires complex scheduling, renting of costly physical space, and physical instructors for every few dozens of learners, eLearning for healthcare organizations is extremely scalable and flexible.

TalentLMS, for example, can accommodate an unlimited number of learners from a single cloud account. You only pay for those who are actively using the system. In fact, if you are a small medical practice and only need to train up to five people, you could make do with TalentLMS' free basic account.

There's also the freedom from rigid schedules that online learning offers. With eLearning material always available on the Cloud, medical professionals and support staff can study at their own pace, and fit their training to their demanding schedules.

eLearning For Healthcare Is Also A Budget-Friendly Proposition

Unlike classroom-based training, in eLearning, a single instructor can cater to hundreds of learners. With TalentLMS you don't need costly physical textbooks and study materials anymore, as they're all available online, and easy to update at anytime. You don't need physical classrooms either since the doctor's laptop or even smartphone will do.

TalentLMS also offers a plethora of subscription plans, with predictable monthly and annual payment options. Therefore, you can find the pricing structure and features balance that best fits your case, whether you have to train 10 or 10,000 people.

TalentLMS Features For Healthcare Training

As a full featured, corporate training platform used by huge corporations and organizations across all kinds of industries, there's no surprise that TalentLMS can also handle eLearning for healthcare with aplomb.

There are many great things one can say about TalentLMS that make it a good fit for eLearning for healthcare, but the main points are that it is:

1. Scalable

TalentLMS is built as a cloud-based Software as a Service offering, or else known as Saas, meaning that just like the other cloud services you know, such as Gmail, Facebook, etc. it can handle hundreds of thousands of accounts and millions of users.

2. Hassle-Free

As a cloud-based service, TalentLMS requires no installation, no complex setup, and no maintenance. You just need to open a new account, and you can start serving online training for thousands of users from your TalentLMS-based training portal in no time.

3. Easy To Use

This philosophy permeates the whole of TalentLMS' design. So much so, in fact, that the platform has earned industry awards and user praise for its approachability and intuitiveness. Perfect, then, for training medical professionals and hospital support staff, who are not necessarily the most sophisticated computer users.

4. Full Featured

As a mature corporate LMS, TalentLMS already covers all the basics, and then some. WYSIWYG content authoring and multimedia support, advanced testing options, custom certifications with auto-expiration, reporting, task automation, tele-conference, instructor-led training, it's all there. Plus, there are official native mobile clients for iOS and Android, so your mLearning and microlearning needs will be covered as well.

5. Flexible

TalentLMS gives you the tools to model any kind of training scenario or organization hierarchy. Need to handle different kinds of users with different permissions? No problem. Want to create independent but centrally managed training portals for different departments or facilities of your hospital? TalentLMS' Branches feature will let you do just that.

6. Extensible

If you need your LMS to integrate with custom hospital systems, legacy software, and third party services, TalentLMS is your best bet. It supports dozens of native integrations from SSO to SCORM, and thousands of third party services through Zapier. Plus, there's a full featured, RESTful API on offer, so that you can talk to TalentLMS from any third party platform capable of making an HTTP request that will be almost all of them.


eLearning for healthcare is an effective in results, time, and cost way to train medical professionals. A platform like TalentLMS offers an affordable and powerful way to create and manage healthcare training and get results fast.

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