9 Foolproof Threads To Develop An Engaging eLearning Experience For Your Learners

9 Foolproof Threads To Develop An Engaging eLearning Experience For Your Learners
Summary: The glory of an eLearning is determined, not by the number of users that it has assembled, but by the number of users that it has managed to retain. Here is where the significance of a great user-experience creeps in, where efforts should be made to give what the users want.

How To Create An Engaging eLearning Experience For Your Users

Competitions have been one of the driving forces to put the best foot forward. When it comes to eLearning, you could come across a plethora of options available in the market. This diversity has made it a necessity to stand out, rather than a requirement. If you do not make it engaging, you might lose out on users, or even worse, they might switch over to some other eLearning platforms that are comparatively more engaging.

In order to make the users fall into your radar, you need to tune in to their frequencies and this is possible through many effective methods. Let me walk you through a few important points that you should take into consideration for an engaging user experience.

1. Let Contents Catch Their Attention

It becomes necessary to sanitize the contents before you put them on the eLearning portal. By doing so, you make way for a cleaner and better environment for your users to invade in. Make use of only those contents that are relevant and to the point. Avoid stretching the course to infinity. Let it be short and well-defined. This would greatly help in holding on to the user's attention.

2. Make It Aesthetically Pleasing

A well-groomed course helps in gaining the right amount of audience that to a large extent hooks its audience. In the world of eLearning, more often than not, the way in which you present your content greatly contributes in deciding the fate of the eLearning course. The more dapper and well-understood, the more you get to engage your users. At the same time, make sure that you do not overwhelm your users with all the glitz and glam, making them vulnerable to distractions.

3. Clear Away The Clutter

Make sure that you sanitize your eLearning contents before it hits the ground, so that your users get to lay their hands on a neat and well-groomed eLearning website. This would to a large extent help to hold on to the user's attention for a considerable amount of time.

 4. Induce An Element Of Social Learning

eLearning, in itself, renders the art of gaining knowledge and motivation without being amidst a group of other learners or the instructors. By adding the social sharing button you gracefully make interactions possible across the virtual platform, making it one of the best and most sought after element that the eLearning could give to its users. Humans have an innate desire to be social and autonomous. When you tap this area of a user, you get to keep them engaged throughout the learning journey.

5. Imbibing Different Types Of Contents

Do not decorate your course with redundancy, rather look out for ways where you can make it more interesting with a dash of variety. To keep up the element of vibrancy, you can make use of interesting videos, well crafted PDF's, captivating audios, power point presentation, and many such types of contents that captivate the user's attention.

6. Let It Breeze Into Each And Every Device

When you create the eLearning portal, ensure that they easily evade through each and every device, expanding the opportunities for the users. With this, you make it easy for the users to access the contents anytime, anywhere.

7. Give An Ode To Simplicity And Uniformity

'Modesty is the highest elegance'. Coat your eLearning courses with a dash of modesty, so that they are able to capture your user's attention for a considerable period of time. Use of simple navigations, uniformity in the designs, fewer distractions and more information defines a good user experience.

8. Make Use Of A Compelling Call To Action Button

The call-to-action button is yet another important piece of element that helps in designing your eLearning course that evokes a sense of reaction from the users. Make the buttons so alluring and legitimate, that the users do not just skim their eyes over the buttons and move forward. These buttons will help them to extend their journey from one world to the other with pangs of excitement.

9. Gathering Feedbacks

Feedbacks help you to communicate with the users. How do they like it? Do they feel comfortable in using the eLearning module? How easy it is to be understood, as well as understand? And many such questions get answered. With a relevant feedback section you could enlighten yourself on your popularity. By activating this section you get to motivate your users to talk to you, thus keep them engaged for suggestions and acknowledgments.

 A Final Note

"Give users what they actually want, not what they say they want".

This is an interesting quote that justifies the efforts that one needs to put in to make the eLearning course more engaging. Figure out who your users are and what are their expectations. This will to a large extent guide you on how to spawn an eLearning course that depicts exceptional user engagement.

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