Be Productive: 6 Essential Study Apps For Students

Essential Study Apps For Students That Will Help You Be Productive

Every student needs as much help as they can get, because it really is a balancing act. Doing well at school should always be priority number 1, but normal life still continues. How do you balance everything and still stay productive in and out of school? Luckily, we live in times where we can find tools to make life a little easier.

Students are usually attached to their cell phones and it could be a beneficial thing, if used correctly. Here are some apps you can use to help with productivity.

1. Scribd

Imagine you had your own library at the tips of your fingers. Well, with Scribd, you do. This app is incredible, because it offers students a variety of documents and books which can help with your studies. Students from all over the world upload these books and documents to the app and it is then shared with the other users. You can also set up your own library and add the books and documents that will be beneficial to your own studies. Instead of spending endless hours on social media, you can now sit and read content which will help you achieve better grades. You can look up some capstone ideas or look at business capstone project examples. Try using this app in preparation for an upcoming test. I could go on and on about how fantastic this tool is.

2. Mathway

Maths is not a favorite subject for many students, but it should not make you feel bad if you are one of those students. How many times do you sit with a maths problem that you just cannot figure out? With Mathway, you can enter your problem into the app and it will guide you step by step. This is much better than simply giving you the answer.

3. StudyBlue

I still love using flashcards as a way to study high text subjects, because it is effective and I can focus on one fact at a time. What makes StudyBlue so incredible is that it would take your course information and do the flashcards for you. If this is not for you, there is an option where you can create your own flashcards. We do not always learn the same way as students, so with the latter option, you can add information in the way it makes sense to you.

4. Nike Training Club

This may not be your typical student app, but if you want to be productive, you need to find the energy to get through your days. Physical exercise is vital for every student; not only does it give you a mental break, but it also helps you focus better. If you are struggling with topics for capstone project and have spent hours deciding, you should use Nike Training Club for a quiet mental boost. It has been proven that we do better academically if physical exercise is part of our lives.

5. RefMe

Putting together your citations and bibliographies can be very difficult. Many students find this task exhausting and sometimes a bigger task than the project itself. We gather so much information and facts, that it takes forever to finish a citation or bibliography. On top of that, you have to focus on the format as well. RefMe will help you in this department. With more than 7000 citation styles, I am sure you will find the one you need. You basically scan the book you are using as a source and this app will do all the hard work for you.

6. myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student Planner is by far one of the best planners for students, because it was specifically designed with students in mind. You can add your class schedules as well as your homework schedule and this app will have all your important school information in one spot. There is a function where you can enter upcoming tests and this app will remind you ahead of the time that you need to start preparing for the test. This is definitely a keeper for any student and it does not matter if you are in high school or graduate school. We all can benefit from this one.


Being a student is difficult as it is and having access to these tools are going to free up a lot of time. With more time, you can be more productive and get stuff done. No app can replace actually studying, but it can take off some of the stress. I hope you give these apps a try and I especially hope that you will find it beneficial. There is no reason why you should not make life a bit more manageable. Good luck with your studies and remember, hard work will always pay off.