eBook Release: Flash To HTML5 - Essential Toolkit For Successful Migration

Free eBook: Flash To HTML5 - Essential Toolkit For Successful Migration
Summary: Migration of Flash to HTML5 is not a cakewalk. Having been there and done that, I can tell you there are many things that you need to consider before your migration exercise. This eBook serves as an effective toolkit for you to plan and execute your migration successfully.

Why Do You Need To Have A Plan Chalked Out For Migration Of Flash To HTML5?

With the obvious surge in the adoption of mobile learning given today’s learner demands, all roads are leading to HTML5 as the technology to offer the required flexibility and multi-device compatibility. However, there’s more to a migration exercise than just giving your technology initiative a makeover. What you need to be eyeing is a step-up in the overall learning experience and that requires a lot of thinking through before you hit the switch on your Flash to HTML5 migration exercise.

eBook Release: Flash To HTML5 - Essential Toolkit For Successful Migration
eBook Release
Flash To HTML5 - Essential Toolkit For Successful Migration
This eBook contains top-notch advice on how to migrate from Flash to HTML5 eLearning courses.

How Will This eBook Help You?

Through the eBook Flash To HTML5 - Essential Toolkit For Successful Migration, I provide pointers on how you can create an effective approach plan for migration and ensure that you get the desired return on your migration investment.

The eBook captures the essence of our five-year expertise in converting legacy/Flash courses to HTML5. It provides insights on the pain areas, what worked for us, what didn’t, what you should watch out for, how you can devise an effective migration strategy, and follow a process to eventually execute that plan with the required degree of success.

About The eBook

The eBook contains three of my articles (featuring case studies, tips, and best practices) that provide answers to the following questions:

  • HTML5 is an established technology so the migration should be straight-forward. So where is the catch?
  • What should you watch out for to assess your organization’s readiness to adopt HTML5?
  • What aspects should you watch out for as you start the exercise of migration (particularly large number of courses)?
  • How can you draw up an effective action plan for a successful migration?
  • What tips can help you achieve better results as you convert Flash courses to HTML5?

Do download the eBook Flash To HTML5 - Essential Toolkit For Successful Migration and use these insights to ensure that your initiative to migrate legacy/Flash courses to HTML5 translates into an enhanced learning experience and tangible business gains.

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