18 Amazing Microlearning Formats For Employee Training That Will Help You Enhance Your Training Strategy

by EI Design

This eBook, 18 Amazing Microlearning Formats for Employee Training That Will Help You Enhance Your Training Strategy, is aimed at improving and achieving the training mandates of organizations, leading to higher learner engagement and reaping organizational benefits.

Key Chapters

  1. Section 1

    - What is Microlearning?
    - What is not Microlearning?
    - How “micro” can you go with Microlearning?
    - What are the benefits of Microlearning?

  2. Section 2

    - What is the relevance of Microlearning today, and why is it the flavor of the season?
    - Why is Microlearning gaining momentum?

  3. Section 3

    - Where does Microlearning find a fit in an organization’s training?
    - Is Microlearning relevant only for the millennial workforce?
    - How can Microlearning be used?
    - When should you not use Microlearning?

  4. Section 4

    - What are the ways or formats to use Microlearning to make your training more effective?

In the last 2–3 years, Microlearning has emerged as an effective approach that L&D teams can use….Today, you are spoilt for choice on various types of Microlearning that you can use for both Formal and Informal Trainings.

It takes more than just choosing to go for Microlearning, to make your employee training strategy a successful one. Apart from being at the tip of the tongue of many L&D professionals nowadays, Microlearning is an approach that has been continually developing. It embeds a great deal of best practices for corporate eLearning, and that you can find out in this eBook. Learn all you need to apply them according to your organization’s learning objectives and workload, as well to the size and age of your workforce.

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Christopher Pappas
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