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2022 Report: The State Of eLearning


2022 Report: The State Of eLearning

by My Learning HUB / Published: Jul 05 2022

What it's about

What does the future of L&D look like? My Learning Hub surveyed 291 L&D professionals to get their perspectives on the state of eLearning. This eBook explores what they had to say about their own eLearning experiences and what this might mean for the future of digital learning in the workplace.

Key chapters

  • There's Been A Rapid Digital Transformation - What Has This Meant For L&D?

  • The L&D Landscape Has Changed, But So Have Attitudes

  • We Know What We Want From L&D, But Can We Achieve It?

  • eLearning Isn't Going Anywhere, But It Is Changing

  • Summary Of Our Findings

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