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2024 State Of Online Learning Report


2024 State Of Online Learning Report

by 360Learning / Published: Jul 10 2024

What it's about

It doesn't seem that long ago that online learning was seen as merely supplementary to classroom training by L&D professionals and employees alike. A convenient fill-in, perhaps, but definitely not the main event. But we no longer think this way. We can't. We're simply unable to rely solely on classroom or in-person learning in the face of the intense change, development, and growth required of our workforces. Instead, online learning needed to step up. The good news is that we've made great progress–as this report shows. But, despite the increased spending and change in perception, talent leaders must still grapple with the same challenges, such as measuring training ROI, demonstrating impact, and getting the right skills into their organizations. What do we need to do to address skills gaps at scale and prove that we have done so with our piece of the huge global L&D spend? The clues are all in this report to enable us to connect the dots based on a survey of over 2,500 learners.

Key chapters

  • The Online Learning Transformation

  • The Right Way To Scale Online Learning

  • The Real Utility Of Online Learning? Closing Meaningful Skills Gaps

  • What It Takes To Prove L&D Impact In Practice

  • Survey Audience And Methodology

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