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AI-Driven Personalized Learning – Revolutionizing Blended Learning


AI-Driven Personalized Learning – Revolutionizing Blended Learning

by CommLab India / Published: Jul 25 2023

What it's about

AI tools and technologies are making learning more personal and contextualized. This eBook helps training managers understand how these insights can improve their blended learning programs.

Key chapters

  • An Introduction to Personalized Learning

    A quick look at personalized learning, how it helps both new hires and existing employees, common myths dispelled, and more.
  • How AI is Impacting Personalized Learning

    Insights on enhancing personalized learning with AI-powered insights, limitations to consider, and key AI trends that will shape the future of L&D.
  • A Bird’s Eye View of Blended Learning

    An overview of hybrid learning, what it is and isn’t, its benefits to corporate training, tips to ensure success, and more.
  • Leveraging Blended Learning to Facilitate Personalized Learning

    Insights into personalized blended learning, six ways it can cater to learners' individual needs, three ways it maximizes training ROI, and more.
  • How to Select the Right Vendor for Holistic Support

    A 5-point checklist to select the right vendor who understands the world of AI and training, to set you up for success with the right implementation roadmap.
  • Trends to Explore in Blended Learning

    An overview of seven trends that will shape the future of blended learning and potential implications for L&D and Training.

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