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Blended Learning – The Rapid eLearning Way


Blended Learning – The Rapid eLearning Way

by CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions / Published: Aug 10 2021

What it's about

Is rapid blended learning the right approach for your organization? Explore how blended learning can be leveraged to meet corporate training needs and address modern learning preferences.

Key chapters

  • Fast Friends: Why Blended Learning Strategies Are a Training Manager’s True Companion?

    Explore what blended learning is and isn't, tips to make a successful business case, training formats that can be used in a blend, prerequisites for blended learning implementation, more.
  • Hot Blended Learning Trends – A Bird’s Eye View

    From incorporating AR/VR to virtual instructor-led training and more, explore how blended learning can cater to evolving learning preferences and business dynamics.
  • Dynamic Duo: 3 Reasons Virtual Instructor-led Training is an Indispensable Part of Blended Learning Today

    Like it or yet to try it, you can’t ignore it. Explore what VILT is, how to make it more than an online presentation with polls, and how it can be used across the learning journey – along with tips on designing collaboration activities.
  • Microlearning in Blended Learning – A Trail Mix of Opportunities In L&D

    Explore microlearning, its pros and cons for L&D, and the different ways microlearning assets can be used for pre-training, during training, and post-training.
  • Words of Wisdom: Expert Advice on Designing a Blended Learning Program

    A lot needs to be considered while designing a blended program, starting from identifying the training need to determining what content would fit well across different training formats. Explore 4 high-level considerations and a proven method to design blended learning solutions.
  • Time for a Knowledge Check: How to Use Your LMS for Blended Learning Assessments

    Apart from scheduling, hosting, tracking, and managing different training formats, an LMS play a very important role in blended learning – from helping push assessments at regular intervals to rolling out surveys, and more. This chapter offers detailed insights.
  • Vendor Vetting Tips: What to Look for When Outsourcing Blended Learning

    A blended learning outsourcing partner should have experience in designing and developing various training formats (ILT, VILT, online training), and consult you on designing holistic training interventions. Check what else you should look for to make your job easy and hassle-free!

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