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Building The Next-Generation Learning Technology Ecosystem


Building The Next-Generation Learning Technology Ecosystem

by ELB Learning (formerly eLearning Brothers) / Published: Aug 25 2022

What it's about

Cultural changes including a remote workforce, the metaverse, and the expectation of knowledge on-demand forced learning strategies to change. Learn why video coaching, VR, games, and new strategies get better results - and how to implement them to build the next generation of learning technology ecosystems!

Key chapters

  • Introduction to the Modern Learning Ecosystem

    Companies are seeking a wider array of tools to meet the demands of learners and achieve business goals.
  • Proven Technologies to Consider

    A recent Brandon Hall Group Study found that 82% of organizations with “high impact” L&D programs provide opportunities to practice and apply knowledge.
  • Video-Based Practice & Coaching with Mentors & AI

    Learners can record themselves to demonstrate and document skills for evaluation by themselves, mentors, or artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Immersive Learning & VR Training

    User-friendly VR course creators are just like eLearning authoring tools - and headsets are no longer required.
  • Learning Games & Gamification

    Younger workers grow up with games and gamification in their personal and educational lives. They are part of modern culture and are proven to work.
  • Key Considerations for a More Effective L&D Ecosystem

    Discover the ultimate checklist for evaluating and integrating more effective technologies for learners.

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