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Strategies To Create Compelling And Immersive Compliance Training - Featuring 8 Examples


Strategies To Create Compelling And Immersive Compliance Training - Featuring 8 Examples

by EI Design / Published: Jun 01 2018

What it's about

This eBook is designed as a guide to help you create Compliance training that is engaging for the learners and enable organizations to meet their mandate successfully. And also motivate the learners and ensure that the desired behavioral change occurs.

Key chapters

  • Section 1: The challenges

    This section outlines the typical challenges associated with Compliance training. Out of these, I pick the top three challenges and list the measures that can help you offset them.
  • Section 2: Tips and Best Practices

    This section outlines the tips and best practices we have used successfully to create high-impact Compliance training. I share a step-by-step approach that can be easily applied to see the desired change.
  • Section 3: Strategies

    This section outlines possible learning strategies you can adopt. I also introduce the usage of a “Learning and Performance Ecosystem” based approach to create a sustainable model to deliver Compliance training as well as provide triggers to create the desired behavioral change.
  • Section 4: Examples

    The last section is the most interesting one wherein I dip into our vast repository and share 8 examples. Specifically, I use a “before and after” approach to highlight the impact of the learning strategies that engage learners better.

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