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7 Consumer Realities That The Learning Industry Can NO Longer Ignore


7 Consumer Realities That The Learning Industry Can NO Longer Ignore

by TwentyEighty / Published: Feb 15 2018

What it's about

Due to innovative advances in consumer technologies like smartphones, video, and social media, humans have been conditioned to behave very differently, especially in how they seek answers to questions, and how they choose to learn.   In this ebook you'll learn: - 7 key consumer behaviors you can’t ignore - Industry challenges to consider - Reality Assessment Checklist

Key chapters

  • Introduction

    There is a peculiar disparity that has been steadily growing/developing/evolving over the past few years between how consumers of everyday information and how learners of formal organizational training, see, access, and engage with information. It’s as if we live two separate lives.
  • Digital enablement in the professional world

    Data from a recent MIT SLOAN report on digital business supports these observations, and suggests that “employees have become increasingly frustrated by what they are capable of accomplishing with digital tools in their personal life compared with how they are forced to work with their own company through email and non-mobile computing.”
  • 7 Consumer Realities

    Professionals in the L&D industry, and associated human resource, talent management, and training professionals, must make a concerted effort to start bringing the learner and consumer lives into alignment.
  • - I want it NOW!

    The first consumer behavior we have to consider is how we have come to expect answers on demand and just in time (JIT).
  • - I want it to the POINT!

    Along with consumers wanting immediate access comes demand that whatever “it” is must be quick, short, and to the point or risk losing the content consumer to the next learning fragment.
  • - It has to LOOK good, and WORK well, or I’m dumping it!

    With so many options at our disposal, consumers have the luxury of being hyper selective. And they are.
  • - I DON’T want all this other CRAP!

    One of the biggest blind spots for companies operating in the L&D space is the belief that they have the “secret sauce” or perfect paradigm changing experience, and that the only way to achieve behavior change is by going through a 3-day immersive experience.
  • - I want to paint the PICTURE!

    There is no question that we are living in a self-referential world. Never before in the history of mankind have so many self-portraits been created.
  • - I Want to be ENTERTAINED!

    Yes, today’s consumer loves to be entertained. So much so that we tune in, plug in, turn on, whenever we have spare moment, and often when we don’t…like while at work. What are we in L&D doing about it?
  • - I want the same at work!

    Now that you’ve been blasted with six consumer sentiments, there is one more behavior that incorporates everything else we’ve just covered, and it this - I want the same at work!
  • Conclusion

    There is no question that the 7 Consumer Behaviors are influential factors when it comes to consumer conditioning. All of us have been impacted and changed in very real ways by them.

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