Tips And Examples To Create Highly Engaging Online Compliance Training

by EI Design

This eBook provides (through tips, best practices, and 10 examples) practical insights on how you can create highly engaging Compliance courses by adopting innovative learning strategies and thereby enhance the impact of learning.

Key Chapters

  1. Section 1: The challenge

    This section begins with a quick look at the current dynamics. Though Compliance training is very significant, Compliance courses tend to be rather boring. While they do get completed and attested by learners, they aren’t truly engaging. In light of this, the desired mandate is often elusive.

  2. Section 2: Tips and best practices

    This section outlines the tips and best practices we have used at EI Design to create meaningful and effective Compliance training. It also provides a series of best practices that are easy to apply and will directly impact the engagement quotient of Compliance courses.

  3. Section 3: Strategies

    This section looks at various Instructional strategies that you can adopt to create engaging Compliance training. It covers related questions on how some of the currently trending online training techniques like Gamification and Microlearning can be used for Compliance training. It also touches upon the most significant aspect of strategies that can be used to trigger the required behavioral change in learners.

  4. Section 4: Examples

    This rich section features 10 examples that will give you a clear idea of the possible strategies you can use in your organization and see a boost in learner engagement and training impact. The examples feature not only strategies for the courses, but also the usage of Performance Support Tools (PSTs) or job-aids at two levels to support the Compliance training:
    1. To create awareness on a Compliance subject.
    2. To reinforce the messaging and promote the right behavior.
    Use of PSTs or job-aids is quite common for other corporate trainings and can be used as effectively to create learning paths for Compliance mandate too.

Often, traditional eLearning formats fail to engage learners; and though they are completed within the stipulated time, they don’t necessarily drive learners to find purpose in the question, “Why comply?”. As a result, many Compliance courses don’t fulfil the corporate mandate and fail to bring about the desired behavioral change.

Promoting the desired behavior through compliance training is always a challenge for organizations, since it tends to be rather boring and employees easily lose interest. In this eBook, you will dive into Instructional Design strategies you can incorporate to increase learner engagement, as well as helpful tips on the use of Performance Support Tools.

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Christopher Pappas
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