Creating Better Global eLearning Experiences

by RWS

Download our eBook to learn why localization of eLearning content is all too often inefficient from the outset and how you can make the most of your resources. You'll discover how to save time and money to create engaging and effective eLearning experiences for everyone.



Key Chapters

  1. Shifting Sands

    The focus for HR has shifted from delivering training to employees, to providing learning experiences for employees.

  2. Language And Cultural Barriers

    For global organizations, some of the biggest hurdles to the effectiveness of their learning content are linguistic and cultural differences.

  3. Inefficient From The Outset

    In a world that often feels like it’s moving faster than ever, developers sometimes struggle to keep up with the changes.

  4. Building Better

    Have translation and adaptation in mind from the start, to bake it in, so that the content you create can be easily adapted from the get-go.

To achieve lasting and effective learning experiences we must speak to the learner in their own language.

This ultimate guide can help you create more meaningful, relevant, and easily accessible learning experiences for your audience. 

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.