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Creating eLearning For All: How To Design Accessible And Interactive Learning


Creating eLearning For All: How To Design Accessible And Interactive Learning

by isEazy / Published: Jun 06 2023

What it's about

In the field of corporate training, accessibility plays a critical role. Beyond ensuring equal development opportunities, adopting accessible eLearning solutions favors talent retention and improves the company's brand image and reputation, along with its competitiveness in the market.  Despite this, only 20% of current online programs are accessible. In this eBook, we offer you the knowledge and tools you need to face the challenges of accessible learning.

Key chapters

  • Accessibility In eLearning: The Importance Of Creating Equal L&D Opportunities

  • 3 Accessible eLearning Challenges That Organizations Must Face

  • How To Create Accessible eLearning Content For Every Member Of Your Team

  • Effortless Engagement: How To Use Accessible Interactive Elements To Create Courses In Minutes

  • Next-Level Engagement: Accessible Game-Based Learning Experiences

  • 6 Tips To Find The Right Authoring Tool For Your Accessible And Interactive Learning Programs

  • Common Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Accessible Learning Experiences

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