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7 Better Learning Principles For Custom eLearning


7 Better Learning Principles For Custom eLearning

by Cinecraft Productions / Published: Jul 21 2019

What it's about

Have you ever asked, “How do I convince my stakeholders that it's in the organization’s best interest to produce eLearning that is interactive and focused on the learners' performance?” This eBook will give you the tools for your next conversation and project.

Key chapters

  • Introduction to the 7 Better Learning Principles

  • 4 Tips for Designing Authentic Custom eLearning

  • Why it is Important for L&D Managers to Design Timely Custom eLearning Solutions

  • How L&D Managers Can Impact Learners with Relevant Custom eLearning Solutions

  • How Do You Design an Efficient eLearning Course?

  • Custom eLearning UX and UI Best Practices: How are You Captivating Your Learner?

  • Successful Custom eLearning: Top Tips L&D Managers Can Use to Create a Fun Learning Experience

  • The Benefits of Designing Custom eLearning that is Attainable and Void of Obstacles

  • A Final Note: Conclusion

  • Better Learning Principles Assessment: Scorecard

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