Developing Custom eLearning That Results In Efficient Corporate Training Delivery

by Aims Digital

This eBook discusses the nuances of developing Custom eLearning from an organizational perspective. The aim is to provide a complete picture of the complexities involved in planning and developing effective learning material.

Key Chapters

  1. How And When To Use Custom eLearning Solutions in Employee Training

    When should an organization opt for custom eLearning development, and how can they leverage it for maximum impact?

  2. Custom eLearning Trends To Enhance Your L&D Strategy

    How to select the most appropriate trends for developing custom eLearning

  3. Important Instructional Design Principles to Incorporate in your Custom eLearning Solution

    Some time-tested principles one cannot afford to overlook when developing custom eLearning

  4. Custom eLearning Design Tips for Higher Learner Engagement

    How to increase learner engagement using design principles

  5. 5 Pain Points To Consider in Custom eLearning Development

    Know some of the common issues one needs to look out for when developing custom eLearning content

  6. Outcomes you Should Expect from your Custom eLearning Development Efforts

    The kinds of outcomes you can expect to achieve, and how to sustain them

  7. 6 Factors to Consider While Selecting a Custom eLearning Development Partner

    What to look for, in a custom eLearning development partner

For learning to be most effective, it needs to be learner-centric. Only if the learning is designed in a way that it is “agreeable” to the learner, will it stand a chance to achieve its purpose.

Every company aims to improve its performance and efficiency. One of the key elements that contribute towards an enterprise’s growth is its learning and development vision. Sometimes a one-size-fits-all approach is not effective for employees, process training nor skill enhancement training. In that case, only Custom eLearning will suffice. I introduce to you, Aims Digital.

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