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Digital Learning Maturity In Your Organization


Digital Learning Maturity In Your Organization

by CrossKnowledge / Published: Jan 07 2021

What it's about

What is Digital Learning Maturity, and how can L&D use it as a key to unlock the value of learning? Discover the unique framework CrossKnowledge uses to assist and guide our clients throughout their maturity journey.

Key chapters

  • It’s About Where You Are, And Where You’re Going!

    It’s about where you are, and where you’re going! This is the introduction to Digital Learning Maturity In Your Organization.
  • The Founding Principles Of Maturity Models

    Research has established a link between a company’s performance and its learning offer, thereby demonstrating the highly sought ROI of L&D. Following the example of quality management processes, maturity models now seek to evaluate and improve training management within companies.
  • Maturity In The Digital Era

    Digital transformation has had an impact on many things, and the Maturity Model is no exception. Created in 2003 by Laura Overton, the Emerald Works Index aims to analyze and benchmark the overall health of corporate learning. Formerly known as the Towards Maturity Index, more than 8,500 companies have taken part in this Health Check since its inception.
  • From The Learning Bubble To The Flow Of Work

    Although we most certainly have not touched on every maturity model that exists, we did want to talk about one more: Dani Johnson’s Enterprise Learning Framework.
  • Using Organizational Maturity To Drive results With CrossKnowledge

    Knowing where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there is crucial. To enable your transformation and make your learning system more effective, the right maturity model can help you monitor and track your organization’s evolution. At their base, maturity models can move you towards greater performance and agility, regardless of bumps in the road or even major downturns in the market. CrossKnowledge, leveraging 20 years of experience in Digital Learning, has taken the best information from existing models and research, to create our own readiness framework.

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