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eLearning Trends 2021: A View From The Trenches


eLearning Trends 2021: A View From The Trenches

by CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions / Published: Feb 15 2021

What it's about

Explore 5 eLearning trends adopted by high-performing organizations you should be adopting to become an impact maker. Get started with VILT, explore the unifying power of LXPs, use blended learning to offer continual learning, and more.

Key chapters

  • Blended Learning

    Explore how you can offer high-impact continual learning across the learning journey; leverage virtual instructor-led sessions to offer uninterrupted learning, without losing the benefits of the physical classroom; and four rapid conversion strategies to take care of every requirement when converting classroom material to eLearning.
  • Learning Technology

    Explore how Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) can integrate resources across several platforms to offer learners a unified, seamless learning experience.
  • L&D: An Impact Maker

    Explore a blueprint to move your L&D unit from being an order taker to an impact maker aligned with corporate strategy heard at the decision-making table.

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