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eLearning Trends For 2023 – The View From The Trenches


eLearning Trends For 2023 – The View From The Trenches

by CommLab India / Published: Jan 13 2023

What it's about

This eBook shows L&D leaders the way forward in 2023 – with a special focus on how they can align with business leaders to improve employee performance, explore new skills they need to master, and identify the top investment areas of organizations.

Key chapters

  • Aligning Training with Business Goals

    Discover top work areas being affected by training and what L&D leaders can do to bridge the gap between learning and business objectives. Also, check the top skillsets L&D units need to acquire in today’s workplace.
  • Catering to Multiple Generations of Learners

    Immersive learning, blended learning, adaptive learning, social learning… explore what will help facilitate effective learning. Take a closer look at popular digital learning formats – such as microlearning, VILT, and podcasts.
  • Making the Right Investments

    Whether it is investing in tools to build a learning ecosystem or tools that reduce development cost and effort, ensure you help your organization by investing right. Explore how rapid eLearning accelerators will support your internal teams.
  • Roadmap for L&D Leaders

    Build your brand, know your business inside out, talk the language of your business, showcase success stories, partner with business leaders on strategic issues such as DEI and sustainability – explore the way to success in 2023.

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