Updated eLearning Trends In 2018 — Featuring 4 Parameters To Help You Select The Right One!

by EI Design / Published: Jul 09 2018

What it's about

This eBook is an updated version of the previous eBook on eLearning Trends and Predictions for 2018. It specially features 4 parameters to help you select the right eLearning trend.

Key chapters

  • What trends reflect approaches that align better to the way we learn?

    Trends that reflect approaches that align better to the way we learn:

    1. Mobile Learning
    2. Digitization of ILT (to Blended or Fully Online)
    3. Microlearning
    4. Personalization
    5. Curation and User Generated Content
    6. Mobile Apps for learning
    7. Video Based learning (Videos and Interactive Videos)
  • What trends are successfully able to influence and improve employee performance?

    Trends that are able to successfully influence and improve employee performance:

    1. Performance Support Tools
    2. Gamification
    3. Social Learning
    4. Informal Learning
  • What approaches can help us measure the performance gain?

    Trends that can help us measure the performance gain:

    1. Next Gen-LMS/LCMS
    2. Learning Portals
  • What are the approaches that can help with ROI determination?

    Trends that can help with ROI determination:

    1. Learner Analytics
    2. Big Data-Reporting and Analytics
  • Other notable trends

    1. AR/VR for Immersive Learning
    2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Learning
    3. Rapid eLearning Tools

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