Engaging Millennials In The Workplace – Tips And Learning Strategies That Work

by EI Design

Get insights on millennials’ traits, what interests them, what puts them off, what their learning styles and preferences are, and how you can help them enjoy their learning and apply that learning on the job.

Key Chapters

  1. Basics

    Get answers to questions on who millennials are and why they are important to organizations and L&D teams in particular.

  2. Millennial-specific aspects that impact the learning strategy that should be adopted

    Get insights on their characteristics, learning styles, why traditional eLearning is not enough to engage them, and why you need a different learning strategy for them.

  3. Tips, strategies and examples of millennial-centric courses

    Get a comprehensive view of how you can engage millennial learners through 5 examples featuring Gamification, Personalization, Microlearning, and Social Learning.

While Baby Boomers or people from the Gen X group would have played with He-Man action figures or Barbie dolls as children, most millennials would have had gaming consoles, computers and mobile phones as toys back in their childhood. They have grown with technology, the Internet, social media and smartphones.

Millenials take up a considerable size of today’s workforce. EI Design’s eBook covers appropriate learning strategies for Millenials. It also presents examples of courses that target millennials using gamification, microlearning as well as social learning techniques.

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Christopher Pappas
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