The Everyday Guide To Learning Analytics

by Elucidat

Learn how to use data to decode the digital body language of your audience. Get tips on getting actionable insights from learning analytics and make a real success story of your eLearning projects. Download this practical guide authored by Kirstie Greany and Lori Niles-Hofmann.

Key Chapters

  1. Why do you need learning analytics in digital design?

    Imagine if you knew the winning formula for creating great digital learning design that engages thousands of users. There’s a wealth of data at your fingertips, turning it into actionable insights will transform the success of your project.

  2. Think about digital body language.

    Get thinking about the digital equivalents to the eye-rolls, smiles, nods and crossed arms of the traditional training room. What clues do you have about the success of digital learning?

  3. Data sources for data driven learning design.

    Where are your learning analytics? The data available goes far beyond your LMS.

  4. How to analyze your top-level stats.

    What to look at when it comes to visits, completion rates, audience profile, devices, session time and authoring time.

  5. How to analyze eLearning page performance.

    Know your popular pages! Why are you losing people? How are different branches performing?

  6. A 3-stage strategy for making data part of your design toolkit.

    Discover Lori’s “Diagnose, Respond, Monitor” cycle to embed data driven design into your everyday.

  7. How to analyze question responses and surveys.

    Are there killer questions users should be getting right but aren’t? Are your polls and surveys serving their purpose?

Every drop-off, click or share is a learner shouting their likes and dislikes. These actions are the eye-rolls, smiles and crossed arms from the classroom, simply in digital format.

As eLearning grows and expands a digital body language is build up. Whoever can interpret it, has an advantage on making a real success story of its eLearning Projects. That is why The Everyday Guide to Learning Analytics is a valuable tool, if you care to learn how to analyze the stats and overall performance of your page.

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