Extended Enterprise Training: What Are The Benefits And How To Implement It Successfully

by SkyPrep / Published: Jan 23 2020

What it's about

Discover the importance of extended enterprise training for your business. Learn best practices on how you can deliver effective training for your partners and customers to drive revenue and reduce customer churn.

Key chapters

  • What Is Extended Enterprise Training?

    Quickly learn what extended enterprise training is and what external audiences you can offer this to.
  • What Are the Different Types Of Extended Enterprise Training?

    Check out the most commonly used types of extended enterprise training.
  • Benefits Of An Extended Enterprise LMS

    Learn more about the tangible business outcomes an extended enterprise LMS can offer, from driving revenue to reducing customer churn.
  • How Can An Extended Enterprise LMS Platform Support Extended Enterprise Training?

    Take a closer look at how you can support extended enterprise training through sub-platforms, course sharing, customization, and reporting.
  • How To Find The Right Solution To Support Extended Enterprise Training?

    See the key areas you need to consider when looking for a solution to manage and deliver your extended enterprise training.
  • Key Extended Enterprise LMS Features You Should Look For

    Not all LMS platforms are created equal. Ensure your LMS has these crucial features to fully support your extended enterprise training initiatives.
  • Building An Extended Enterprise Strategy

    Define your strategy to deliver the most effective training for your partners and customers to help them succeed.
  • How To Prepare For Your Extended Enterprise Training Program

    Want to get started but don't know where to begin? Follow these steps to successfully implement and execute extended enterprise training in your organization.

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