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Guide To Convert Your Instructor Lead Training (ILT) To eLearning Or mLearning


Guide To Convert Your Instructor Lead Training (ILT) To eLearning Or mLearning

by EI Design / Published: Dec 01 2017

What it's about

This eBook provides insights that you can use as you prepare for transformation from ILT to effective online training and also outlines the challenge (the need to look at options beyond ILT) and what are the options (fully online or Blended delivery).

Key chapters

  • Section 1: As you begin – The challenge and the options

    This section begins with an important question – “Is Instructor-Led Training (ILT) dying?”. It then examines how using current learning technologies can enhance the value and impact of ILT delivery. It also details the benefits that accrue as you transition from ILT to online training. These benefits are listed in two categories – for the business and for the learners.
  • Section 2: The transformation – Effective conversion of ILT to Online training

    This section outlines the key aspects you should watch out for as you plan the transition. It begins with highlighting why this exercise is not merely converting a PowerPoint deck into an online format. It provides an overview of the development model that you should adopt as you create online training from ILT collateral. It also provides several pointers and tips that you can use in this process.

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