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How Artificial Intelligence Improves Employee Communication Skills


How Artificial Intelligence Improves Employee Communication Skills

by ELB Learning / Published: Jul 27 2023

What it's about

When organizations combine AI with audio/video-based practice, employees get upskilled in record time. Find out how organizations implement these winning training techniques to improve communication skills—even when their mentors are busy!

Key chapters

  • The Rise of AI with the Power of Audio-Video-Based Learning

    With its ability to analyze data, interpret speech patterns, and provide real-time insights, AI can transform communication dynamics.
  • Take Video-Based Learning to the Next Level

    As part of a course or training solo, practicing is essential for perfecting skill development, enhancing performance, building confidence, and achieving goals.
  • How AI is Accelerating & Augmenting the Learning Process

    Providing automated grading, language translation, transcription, and instant feedback is possible with AI. Metrics within Rehearsal save mentors' time.
  • Using Coaching in Combination with AI Dramatically Improves Performance

    Traditional learning can be costly, time-consuming, and difficult to scale. Leveraging AI-based training offers quick, personalized feedback.
  • Surmounting Common Training Challenges with AI

    On-demand feedback is crucial for learners to target areas of improvement, whereas traditional learning is a slower process.
  • Powerful. Personalized. Proven.

    These common uses and case studies prove that audio/video-based platforms like Rehearsal powered by AI are effective.

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