How To Boost Employee Performance Through Just-In-Time Learning And Performance Support Tools

by EI Design

My eBook, How To Boost Employee Performance Through Just-In-Time Learning And Performance Support Tools, provides insights into how to support learners at the moment of need and drive application of learning on the job with performance support tools.

Key Chapters

  1. What Are Performance Support Tools And What Is Their Value Proposition?

    This section begins by defining performance support tools and how they are different from formal training. It also explains the differences between training and performance support and shares insights into how PSTs improve the application of learning.

  2. How To Drive Just-In-Time Learning With Performance Support Tools

    This section defines the concept of Just-In-Time learning and how performance support tools can drive Just-In-Time learning and help learners improve performance. It showcases the benefits of using performance support tools to drive Just-In-Time learning in the workplace. This section also outlines how Just-In-Time training fits into the organization’s overall training strategy by providing employees with the opportunity to find what they need to know, when they need to know it, creating room for innovation and creativity. It concludes by explaining how organizations can use performance support tools to boost workforce performance.

  3. How To Enable Just-In-Time Learning Through Performance Support Tools

    This section begins by explaining how you can use performance support tools to enable Just-In-Time learning. It features 17 microlearning formats that can be delivered as Just-In-Time learning in the workplace through a performance support tool.

Like any solution, Just-In-Time training is not a silver bullet. While alone it provides concise information, when coupled with effective traditional training solutions and offered by a performance support tool, it can greatly enhance employees' job performance.

Performance support tools tend to be an area that is often neglected in modern training. This brilliant guide by EI Design demonstrates exactly how to use them in order to achieve amazing, performance changing gains that will have a lasting impact.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry Inc.