How eLearning Organizations Can Drive Profitable Enrollments At Scale With Google Ads In 2020

by Grow Enrollments

This eBook, How eLearning Organizations Can Drive Profitable Enrollments At Scale With Google Ads In 2020, explains how to enroll high-quality learners, stand out from the competition, and become the dominant choice in your market.

Key Chapters

  1. Guide Introduction

    What you need to know about this guide.

  2. Student Digital Engagement

    In order to create a comprehensive omnichannel Google Ads strategy for EDU, we first analyzed how prospective students are researching education companies online.

  3. Google Ads Audience Overview For Search, YouTube, And Display

    With prospective students moving through different stages of their research funnel and using multiple platforms in the process, understanding the type of audience categories that Google Ads has to offer will provide the clarity you need to make smarter strategic decisions.

  4. The Importance Of An Omnichannel Digital Marketing Strategy

    Developing an omnichannel approach allows you to be at the right place at the right time.

  5. Campaign Structure And Strategies For SEM, YouTube, And Display

    Campaign structure within Google Ads is notoriously undervalued. Developing the correct campaign structure will create a healthy foundation for your campaigns to prosper over a 2-4 year period.

  6. Best Practices And Integration For Automation

    Many marketers use third-party bidding tools to add a level of automation to their campaigns. These tools are able to measure additional data signals and, therefore optimize accounts in ways that human beings could never do on their own.

  7. How To Optimize Based On Applications Or Enrollments (Quality Vs. Quantity)

    Optimizing strategies that are driving action will help improve lead quality, decrease costs, and scale enrollments.

  8. The Future Of Google Ads And How To Prepare For It

    Over the past few years, Google has already moved in this direction by removing more and more control from Exact, Phrase, and BMM match types.

On average, prospective students engage with more than 1,000 digital touchpoints while researching programs in a 6-week period before filling out a lead form.

We’ve been a client for several years now. They’ve been so great to us that we now think of them as more of a partner than just another client. Since our main focus is SEM, we can’t tell you how refreshing it is to work with a scrappy, knowledgeable team that, just like us, is actually willing to put in the effort required for reaching performance goals. They clearly understand that a long-term partnership is one of the most important outcomes of a client’s success. Since day one, the team was committed to growing in tandem with us, and we’ve both managed to flourish through their leadership.

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