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How To Engage Your Learners In The Remote Workplace Through Immersive Learning Strategies


How To Engage Your Learners In The Remote Workplace Through Immersive Learning Strategies

by EI Design / Published: Mar 11 2021

What it's about

My eBook, Elevating Remote Learning Programs - How to Engage Your Learners in the Remote Workplace Through Immersive Learning Strategies, offers insights on how to deliver immersive learning experiences to engage learners in the remote workplace.

Key chapters

  • Section 1 - Engaging the Remote Learners Through Immersive Learning Strategies

    This section outlines how you can leverage immersive learning techniques to offset the challenges of learner engagement in Virtual Training. It also defines immersive learning in the context of Virtual Training and the benefits that immersive virtual learning offers to engage your remote learners.
  • Section 2 - Gamification

    This section describes how gamified learning approaches ignite learner engagement and drive employee performance. It highlights the significance of active learning in the workplace and approaches to consider promoting it through Gamification. It outlines how you can use game-based learning to boost learner engagement and motivation. It provides approaches to gamify your VILT programs to drive remote learner engagement.
  • Section 3 - Microlearning

    This section highlights go-to strategies, options, as well as best practices to adopt while transforming your existing VILT sessions into Microlearning modules. It also explains the implications of the Forgetting Curve and how you can offset it and reinforce learning with Microlearning.
  • Section 4 - Video Based Learning

    This section focusses on the challenges of existing corporate training videos and lists out strategies that can drive the interaction and engagement of your corporate training videos. It presents 5 proven tips for using transformational strategies that’ll turn “ordinary” eLearning video content into highly engaging and addictive eLearning resources for digital learners. It also lists various video formats you should use to accelerate the impact of eLearning videos.
  • Section 5 - Scenario Based Learning

    Scenario Based Learning, a highly immersive learning strategy, can be applied across corporate trainings - particularly, Compliance, Soft Skills, Professional Skills, Product, and Sales Trainings. This section lists 6 approaches of how you can leverage Scenario Based Learning to bring in real-world experiences to online training.

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