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How To Implement Video Learning And Animation: A Guide For Training Managers On A Tight Budget


How To Implement Video Learning And Animation: A Guide For Training Managers On A Tight Budget

by Ninja Tropic / Published: Jan 26 2021

What it's about

Are you on a very tight budget and need all the necessary know-how on implementing video learning and animation? Worry not—Ninja Tropic has gathered all the information you need, right in this eBook! Discover everything in this guide tailor-made for training managers.

Key chapters

  • 3 Reasons Why Video Learning Is An Essential Learner Engagement Strategy For Any Industry

    The goal of any training program is to give participants enough information to be able to influence their behavior. Discover more about learner engagement in the first chapter.
  • 5 Video Learning Animation Styles And Best Practices You Should Follow

    Keeping up with workplace trends and creating time-efficient Learning and Development programs are consistently rated as the top three concerns of L&D managers. Find out the best practices you should follow.
  • A Deep Dive Into The Animation Process Of Training Video Production

    Animation has existed for over a hundred years, and ever since the first hand-drawn characters glimmered on old-fashioned movie screens, the medium has been thought of as child’s play. Let's discover the process of training video production.
  • 6 Video Scripting Examples Of Enticing Live-Action And eLearning Video Animations

    eLearning animations are short videos, usually less than 7 minutes in length, that educate the viewer. In this chapter, we delve into 6 video scripting examples to fully grasp the concept of live-action and eLearning animations.
  • The Road To Stellar Training Video Animations Is Paved With These Spot-On Storyboard Templates

    Whiteboard animations tell a story with pictures drawn on a whiteboard. They aren’t literally drawn on a whiteboard, but instead simulated with animation. Discover more in chapter 5.
  • Creating Accessible Videos At Ease: From 508 and ADA To Video Transcription, Captioning And Beyond

    eLearning animation is quickly becoming a standard part of blended learning programs for corporate entities and big companies looking to educate, retrain, or onboard their staff. Find out how to effortlessly create accessible videos.
  • 4 Practical Tips To Plan And Execute Your Ambitious Video Learning Projects Fast

    The face of the American workforce is changing. In the last fifty years, offices have become multi-generational and evolved to include people of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, and people with disabilities.
  • How To Create Animated Videos On A Budget With An Expert Production Company By Your Side

    A lot of work and thought goes into crafting the perfect eLearning videos. This makes sense, as eLearning videos help guide the online learning process.

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