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How To Select The Right eLearning Authoring Tool For You


How To Select The Right eLearning Authoring Tool For You

by eLearning Brothers / Published: Aug 21 2020

What it's about

Creating effective eLearning requires a solid strategy—and the right authoring tool. In this eBook from eLearning Brothers, critical questions, checklists, and product comparisons will help you land a course authoring tool that fits you best.

Key chapters

  • Built-In Course Templates And Assets

    Does the tool offer quality templates and stock assets to get you started?
  • Interactivity

    What type of interactions do you need to build?
  • Collaboration And Approvals

    How do you collaborate with others?
  • Accessibility

    Does the authoring tool cater to all learners?
  • Responsive Course Design

    Can you build eLearning for multiple mobile devices easily?
  • User Experience

    How can you have the best authoring experience possible?

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