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How To Boost Software Training With LMS & Virtual Training Labs


How To Boost Software Training With LMS & Virtual Training Labs

by CloudShare / Published: May 15 2019

What it's about

Chances are you’re employing a variety of systems to deliver your software training. But, are you operating as efficiently as possible? Learn why LMS and virtual labs are mandatory to successful training, how to integrate solutions and get results.

Key chapters

  • Introduction

    70% of companies don't integrate their training systems - leaving a lot of room for improvement. LMS and virtual IT labs are instrumental in software training and can help boost your bottom line.
  • About LM/TM systems

    Definitions and capabilities of LM/TM systems
  • About Virtual Training Labs

    Definitions and capabilities of virtual IT labs
  • Advantages of Integration

    - Sample Integration Flows: Class creation, student management, and analytics
    - Key Benefits: Scalability, security, analytics, ROI tracking
    - Technical Integration Options: Best practices integrating LMS and virtual training labs
  • Case Study

    How ForgeRock University Grew Training Revenues from Zero to $1M in One Year

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