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How To Conduct A Comprehensive L&D Audit And Prepare A Strategic Plan For The Future


How To Conduct A Comprehensive L&D Audit And Prepare A Strategic Plan For The Future

by EI Design / Published: Nov 25 2021

What it's about

This eBook is designed as a guide for organizations as they plan their L&D audit, year-end review, and identify the focus areas for developing an effective L&D strategy for 2022.

Key chapters

  • Section 1 - How to Conduct an Audit of Your Training and Development Initiatives

    An L&D audit is a key tool in understanding an organization’s L&D needs in terms of engagement, performance, and productivity benchmarks. In this section, we highlight key thoughts, techniques, and strategies for auditing your L&D initiatives.
  • Section 2 - Year-end L&D Review - What Worked, What Didn't, and Other Key Lessons from 2021

    As 2022 is around the corner, this is a good time for L&D teams to pause and take a holistic look at what worked for them, and what did not. In this section, we have assimilated key L&D review lessons learned from 2021.
  • Section 3 - Focus Areas for Preparing a Learning and Development Strategy for 2022

    2020 was about virtual training evolution, and 2021 about better engaging and training virtual teams. The signs are clear - Focus in 2022 is on training hybrid workforces. In this section, we delve deeper into planning L&D strategies for 2022.

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