How To Create A Meaningful And Engaging Compliance Course

by EI Design

Get insights on how you can infuse life into dull Compliance concepts and the approaches you can adopt to create engaging Compliance courses.

Key Chapters

  1. How To Create A Meaningful and Engaging Compliance Course

    Get insights on how you can make a Compliance course meaningful for learners through a case study.

  2. Using Creative Instructional Design Approaches To Instill The Spirit Of “Why Comply”

    Get a sense of how you can instill the spirit of “why comply” through examples that feature compelling innovative learning strategies.

  3. 3 Examples On How Performance Support Tools Can Supplement Compliance Courses

    Get a comprehensive view of how you can use Performance Support Tools (PSTs) to make Compliance concepts interesting and supplement Compliance courses.

Given the significance of the Compliance mandate, there should be a higher focus on using approaches that appeal to the learners, impart learning that will stick and finally ensure that this learning indeed gets applied at work.

Compliance course does not have to be synonymous to dull anymore thanks to this exceptional eBook. Get educated on unique strategies, Instructional Design approaches and performance support tools you can utilize to create unprecedented compliance courses.

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