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How Video-Based Practice And Coaching Are Transforming Employee Performance


How Video-Based Practice And Coaching Are Transforming Employee Performance

by ELB Learning / Published: Feb 16 2023

What it's about

When speed to competency is critical, video-based practice and coaching have been proven to accelerate skills. Download this eBook to find out how these new modern L&D strategies help employees master communication skills in record time.

Key chapters

  • The Power of Practice

    Video has the ability to push learners beyond their comfort zone.
  • The 5 Principles of Practice

    How much practice and mentorship do you need?
  • The Difference Between Active Practice & Passive Learning

    Traditional training often does not prove knowledge transfer or skills acquisition.
  • Speed to Proficiency with Video-Based Practice

    Recording learners can dramatically improve communication skills in record time.
  • Automating Personalized Learning

    Adapting to learners' needs and addressing skill gaps can happen automatically.
  • How AI & Machine Learning Improve Performance

    Video performance can be evaluated without needing a mentor.
  • Real-World Examples

    Multiple organizations have proven that video-based practice and coaching get better results.

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