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An Insider's View On Blending Learning Models: How L&D Can Create An Impeccable Blended Learning Approach


An Insider's View On Blending Learning Models: How L&D Can Create An Impeccable Blended Learning Approach

by CommLab India / Published: Jun 22 2020

What it's about

This eBook offers training managers a proven way to improve the impact of learning by blending different training formats. Discover how blended learning enhances training, the best blended models, tips for successful implementation, and more.

Key chapters

  • 6 Irrefutable Benefits Of Blended Learning

    From reducing training costs to giving learners control over their learning and facilitating collaboration, there's a lot you will gain by implementing blended learning. Take a close look.
  • 5 Steps To Align Blended Learning With Your Business Goals

    Any training program needs to be aligned with the business goals to offer real value and enhance human performance. Explore 5 steps to get the alignment right.
  • 4 Core Blended Learning Models And Tips To Choose The Best One

    While there are four popular blended learning models, each one is best suited for different situations. Discover the models and how you can personalize them for your training needs.
  • 6 Ways Blended Learning Can Support Personalized Learning

    Blended learning will allow you to provide a personalized learning experience, leveraging technology to support each learner’s unique needs.
  • 6 Blended Learning Best Practices To Reduce Training Costs

    A poorly designed blended strategy can cost you more, rather than saving costs. Explore how to get it right and save cost.
  • 5 Things To Avoid For An Effective Blend

    Design an impactful blended learning strategy for your corporate training without compromising on quality with these tips.

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