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Instructional Design 101


Instructional Design 101

by CommLab India / Published: Oct 31 2019

What it's about

Whether you are an experienced Instructional Designer, a new entrant, or making your way to the world of L&D from a functional field, we invite you to go through the fundamentals of ID covered in the eBook.

Key chapters

  • Basics Of Learning

    What do we learn and how does learning occur? Explore the five elements of learning, the principles of adult learning, and more.
  • Instructional Design Process For Effective Courses

    Explore an iterative process for eLearning development that allows for constant communication with stakeholders.
  • eLearning Standards

    Learn about two important eLearning technical standards that help learners know “where they are and where they have been”, and ensure the quality of text, graphics, and visuals.
  • Content Comprehension

    IDs need to comprehend content to include the right content in a course. Explore the 7 steps for effective content comprehension.
  • Learning Objectives

    Learning objectives help decide the content, instructional method, course duration, and cost. Learn how to frame performance-based learning objectives.
  • Content Presentation

    How much information is too much information? Explore the dos and don'ts of content chunking.
  • ID Strategies

    Learn all about instructional design strategies - the components and popular types.
  • Interactivities

    Get learners to interact with the course and become active participants using interactivities that make them think and do.
  • Assessments

    Testing knowledge retention and giving feedback is important to reinforce learning. Explore different assessment types and formats to reinforce learning.
  • Performance Support

    Help learners access information, right at their moment of need. Explore the ideal situations to offer performance support and the formats.

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