Sir Lennington's Handbook Of L&D Etiquette & Manners

by SAP Litmos

This entertaining, engaging eBook offers fun tips for L&D professionals, presented in the style of an old-fashioned, British etiquette guide.

Key Chapters

  1. Rule Of Etiquette #1

    Implement in a Timely Fashion

  2. Rule Of Etiquette #2

    Intermingle with Worthy Wares

  3. Rule Of Etiquette #3

    Dare Not Overindulge in Design

  4. Rule Of Etiquette #4

    Create Compelling Courses in a Kind Environment

  5. Rule Of Etiquette #5

    Curate with a Discerning Eye

  6. Rule Of Etiquette #6

    Bring Forth Learners Swiftly

  7. Rule Of Etiquette #7

    Grant Purposeful Paths

  8. Rule Of Etiquette #8

    Maintain a Tidy Library

  9. Rule Of Etiquette #9

    Report & Analyze Dutifully

  10. Rule Of Etiquette #10

    Train for Proficiency not Perfection

Dear readers. It is indeed my pleasure to welcome you to this handbook of learning and development etiquette. I do applaud your interest in these refined skills of gentility. You are surely a person of excellent taste and grace, and one whose manners shall only continue to fortify! ~Yours in courtesy, Sir Lennington

This guide is packed with valuable insights (and touches of humor) to help you develop top notch eLearning experiences that follow the golden rules of L&D.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.