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Learn, Play, Repeat: Using Games For Spaced Learning


Learn, Play, Repeat: Using Games For Spaced Learning

by The Game Agency of ELB Learning (formerly eLearning Brothers) / Published: Sep 21 2022

What it's about

No matter how engaged learners are, they tend to forget what they learned over time—known as the "forgetting curve." However, by leveraging training games, in repetitive, short, spaced-out sessions you can boost recall and minimize knowledge loss.

Key chapters

  • Designing effective spaced learning sessions

    We can improve recall if we revisit/repeat info in multiple, spread-out sessions.
  • Using games for spaced practice

    You have 5 minutes—would you rather read a training document or play a learning game?
  • Before a training session

    There are quick, fun ways to motivate people to engage with your content before the session begins.
  • During a training session

    You can use games as icebreakers, to tell relatable stories, and to repeat and practice skills.
  • After a training session

    So, how can you motivate learners to re-engage after a training session? Follow these tips.

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