Leveraging Learning Analytics To Maximize Training Effectiveness - Practical Insights And Ideas

by CommLab India

This eBook offers L&D practitioners practical ideas to get started with learning analytics. From planning for it in tandem with stakeholders to establishing the required KPIs, and more—this eBook is a how-to guide on learning analytics.

Key Chapters

  1. The Importance Of Learning Analytics In L&D

    Get started with a close look at learning analytics, the components of the definition, and the 4 types of learning analytics.

  2. The Kirkpatrick Model Of Training Evaluation: Integrating Learning Analytics

    Though training evaluation often follows the Kirkpatrick's model, things don't proceed past Level 2. Explore 5 simple steps to win over stakeholders for a complete implementation.

  3. Enabling Deeper Tracking Of Learning Objectives With Learning Analytics

    In this exciting section, read of the top 2 challenges faced by L&D managers in enabling learning analytics, and how learning objectives come into play, along with 3 factors to go deep.

  4. 7 Steps To Design The Perfect Training Evaluation Strategy For Learning Analytics

    Having a training evaluation strategy is the first step to measuring the effectiveness and the impact of employee development. Explore how to get it right.

  5. 7 Learning Analytics Challenges That Hinder Training Evaluation

    What you can do about them is the crux of this section that outlines common challenges, such as ensuring the accuracy of data, limited data analysis capabilities, and their solutions.

  6. 7 Must Have KPIs To Measure Training Effectiveness For Learning Analytics

    KPIs help measure training effectiveness, benchmark it and share a symbiotic relationship with learning analytics. Explore 7 KPIs that are a must for learning analytics.

  7. 6 Training Evaluation Questions To Ask Before Applying Learning Analytics

    It is crucial to have proper tools and methods in place to record, interpret, and use data to make informed decisions. Getting answers to these questions with help get it right.

  8. How To Optimize Training Budgets With Learning Analytics For Maximum ROI

    How much training is actually enough? Can learning analytics help us answer this question and achieve maximum ROI with our training budget?

Today’s world is driven by data and corporate training is no exception. It empowers organizations to make informed and relevant L&D decisions. But what happens in the absence of data? L&D decisions are based on educated guesses, hunches, opinions, and past patterns. Do you think these decisions will guarantee effective training or create the desired business impact? Probably not! Here’s where learning analytics works as the lens through which organizations can view and plan for better changes at the course or strategy level.

Without the power of learning analytics, your training cannot be effective. Data is an essential tool that helps you discover the pain points of your training—and the impact it has on your business. This how-to guide on learning analytics is guaranteed to give you the best tips to reach your goals!

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