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Project Kickoff Meeting: Tool For L&D Project Success


Project Kickoff Meeting: Tool For L&D Project Success

by Dashe & Thomson / Published: Apr 10 2019

What it's about

A project kickoff meeting is more than just a feel-good meet-and-greet. It is the first, and most important, opportunity to set expectations across the entire project team. With back-to-back meetings on the calendar, and your time and attention spread thin, kickoff meetings need to run smoothly and efficiently. We’ve written a guide to project kickoff meetings to help reduce the risk that an important topic falls through the cracks when either scoping internal client projects or working with vendors.

Key chapters

  • Intro

    A successful L&D project kickoff requires strategic planning, which is best accomplished with pre-kickoff meetings and a rock-star project manager.
    Step 1: Hold a Pre-Kickoff Meeting with the Client
    Step 2: Hold a Pre-Kickoff Meeting with the Internal Team
    Step 3: Use This Kickoff Meeting Agenda

  • Breakdown of Primary Topics

    - Welcome
    - Goals & Expectations Discussion
    - Methods & Processes
    - Creative Direction & Content Walk-through
    - What Success Looks Like
    - Team Logistics & Next Steps
    - Wrap-Up
  • Conclusion

    A successful project kickoff meeting sets the stage for the entire project. Nailing the kickoff means our teams hit the ground motivated, engaged, and focused ... and that the project sponsor and key stakeholders have confirmation and trust that the team is ready to go.

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