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Learning Maturity Matters: Learning Management Survey


Learning Maturity Matters: Learning Management Survey

by Cornerstone OnDemand / Published: May 20 2021

What it's about

In the Summer of 2020 Cornerstone surveyed HR and Learning professionals about the current state of learning within their organization. Here’s what we can learn from the answers, and the steps to take moving forward based on the Learning Management Survey findings.

Key chapters

  • Executive Summary

    To get a read on the state of organizational learning, we administered a study examining two aspects of an organizational learning environment: learning strategy and learning impact.
  • Key Findings

    Four interesting trends.
  • Learning Maturity Model

    A rubric to current practices and a model for success.
  • Learning Strategy

    Understanding how organizations utilize and commit to learning.
  • Learning Impact

    Understanding the influence of learning on organizational performance.
  • Current Learning Methods & Priorities for the Future

    Beyond tracing the Cornerstone learning maturity model experience, we also wanted to ask business leaders very practical questions about learning methods and their future plans. We did this to understand the real-world application of learning and how respondents rate its effectiveness.
  • Conclusion & Recommendations

    Recommendations for improving learning impact in order of strongest to weakest. Note that all of these are interrelated and include actionable steps.

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