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A Beginner’s Guide To Learning Management Systems


A Beginner’s Guide To Learning Management Systems

by CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions / Published: Nov 19 2020

What it's about

This eBook will give you everything you need in order to better understand the LMS: its evolution, features, considerations before purchase, outsourcing administration and support, and so much more!

Key chapters

  • A Brief History Of The Learning Management System

    Explore how the LMS has evolved, starting from the 1920s. Also take a look at the limitations of legacy LMSs and what led to the LMS of today.
  • The User-Friendly Modern LMS

    Today's LMS is user-friendly and caters to the learning preferences of modern learners. What exactly does it offer? What should you look for?
  • Things To Do Before Selecting An LMS

    Investing in an LMS needs to be a well-planned decision. Check out these 6 things you must do before finalizing your organization’s new-age LMS!
  • What Can Be Outsourced In LMS Administration And Support?

    A great way to maximize the ROI of your LMS is by outsourcing customizations, routine maintenance tasks, and more. What can you outsource?
  • Checklist To Select The Right LMS Vendor

    Select a vendor who will accommodate customizations, offer post-implementation support, and train your internal team. 5 simple steps to follow!
  • What Can An LMS Be Used For?

    If course and learner management is the only thing you are using your LMS for, take a look at what you are missing out.

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