A Beginner’s Guide To Learning Management Systems

by CommLab India

This eBook will give you everything you need in order to better understand the LMS: its evolution, features, considerations before purchase, outsourcing administration and support, and so much more!

Key Chapters

  1. A Brief History Of The Learning Management System

    Explore how the LMS has evolved, starting from the 1920s. Also take a look at the limitations of legacy LMSs and what led to the LMS of today.

  2. The User-Friendly Modern LMS

    Today's LMS is user-friendly and caters to the learning preferences of modern learners. What exactly does it offer? What should you look for?

  3. Things To Do Before Selecting An LMS

    Investing in an LMS needs to be a well-planned decision. Check out these 6 things you must do before finalizing your organization’s new-age LMS!

  4. What Can Be Outsourced In LMS Administration And Support?

    A great way to maximize the ROI of your LMS is by outsourcing customizations, routine maintenance tasks, and more. What can you outsource?

  5. Checklist To Select The Right LMS Vendor

    Select a vendor who will accommodate customizations, offer post-implementation support, and train your internal team. 5 simple steps to follow!

  6. What Can An LMS Be Used For?

    If course and learner management is the only thing you are using your LMS for, take a look at what you are missing out.

There are a couple of reasons why traditional LMSs were replaced by the new-generation ones. The new-age, millennial learner forced changes not just in the LMS but in corporate training as well. Ever-growing, ever-expanding businesses and their workforces—spreading far into different parts of the world—demanded a shift in how LMSs helped them manage training.

This beginner's guide is a fantastic journey that will take you from understanding the history of the LMS to being in a position where you can confidently and accurately choose the LMS that is right for you and your organization.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry Inc.