Making A Business Case For eLearning

by CommLab India

This eBook covers all the aspects of eLearning your managers might be skeptical about. It deciphers uncertainties and provides strong evidence in order to convince your decision-makers to adopt eLearning.

Key Chapters

  1. Introducing eLearning

    Take a quick look at how eLearning complements classroom training and at statistics that showcase its growing adoption.

  2. eLearning Applications

    eLearning can be used for sales, product, compliance, and software training. Read how it can be used in a blended framework and a few success stories.

  3. eLearning Development—In-House Or Outsource?

    Explore the pros and cons of both, along with a clear idea of what can be outsourced and how to select the right partner.

  4. Recommended Implementation Process

    Get an insight into checking your organizational readiness for eLearning and 4 strategies to help you get started.

  5. Cost-Benefit Analysis

    Take a close look at the factors that affect the cost of eLearning and the cost in comparison with classroom training.

Organizations are now converting their classroom training material to eLearning curriculums to ensure learners have uninterrupted, on-demand access to learning resources. Using authoring tools such as iSpring and Articulate Storyline helps make the process of developing instructionally sound courses from classroom material quick and easy.

Every L&D professional has to make a business case on the cost-benefit analysis of eLearning for their respective organization at some point in their career. This eBook will help you understand the finer nuances of building your eLearning strategy, as well as how to justify your choices to your manager.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder Of eLearning Industry Inc